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One who can touch their nose with their tongue and who can use it to great effect on his or her partner in bed perhaps!
One who can talk, and talk, and talk...
He's a tongueler and she just loves it.
by Tongueler November 23, 2011
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GAWA is an acronym meaning Green And White Army referring to the Northern Ireland national football team and/or it's fans, who are noted for their passionate support. They play in green tops with white shorts and green socks. #DareToDream
With the support of the GAWA, Northern Ireland managed to score a late equaliser in extra time.
by Tongueler June 02, 2016
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When something like a biscuit / cookie is dropped and hits the floor but is picked up very quickly to be eaten.
She dropped an Oreo but it was only on the floor for a second so it's cleandirty and safe to eat.
by Tongueler February 11, 2017
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Short for 'later on' as in saving something for another time in the future.
She had not finished eating her chocloate cake when he tried to tuck in. She screamed at him "No! That's mine, i'm keeping it for ron". So he left it on the plate and raided the fridge instead.
by Tongueler February 14, 2017
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