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Widely used in Wales but seldom anywhere else, denotes cheapness or tackyness.
A: Can I borrow a quid please?
B: No way! That's my money!
A: You skaffy bastard.
by Tonemeister General October 18, 2010
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The questionably traditional practice of being forced to run around a lawn, quad or yard with one's trousers down one's ankles, as a result of being 'whitewashed' in a bar game, i.e. beaten all points to nil. Almost exclusively the reserve of public schoolboys and Oxbridge undergraduates.
Little Jimmy lost 11-0 to Tarquin at table football and so was trousered; much merriment ensued at the sight of Jimmy feebly waddling round the quad, and Tarquin and his buddies had a jolly good laugh about the trousering.
by Tonemeister General October 18, 2010
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The act of giving oral pleasure to a person in a cunning manner - ideally without the recipient being aware of the act at the time.
Man: Did you enjoy that oral sex I gave you last night?
Woman: By Jove, I didn't even notice. How cunning!
Man: (chuckles) That's cunninglingus for you.
by Tonemeister General September 22, 2010
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