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Goodness, where do i begin..

Bright Eyes are an emotional band that incorporate many different genres of music into their own individual style. Conor Oberst is the only recurring member of the band, whilst the remainder of the lineup changes continuously. i was introduced to them through a friend a couple years back, and i soon got 'lifted' (which, by the way, is amazing). the new albums: 'digital ash' is alright, but it isn't a brilliant reflection of the bright eyes material. although i enjoy it, it's just not like their other stuff, which is fine but i didn't expect it. 'i'm wide awake, it's morning' seems to me like a perfect album ('road to joy' and 'at the bottom of everything' are standouts).
conor is the most amazing songwriter. he's in that band Bright Eyes that you should know about.
by Tom Reeves March 30, 2005

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location: SouthWest Wiltshire, England

a town which seems to mainly consist of "townies" (see: nike, pimpin, crew cut, bling, chav, pregnancy) and "metalheads", or "rockers (see: nirvana, hoody, piercings, tattoos).. both of which hate each other stupid, but have the same attitudes generally; *aggression is the key to life*. the music shops are alright, but apart from that, it's not a nice place. There seem to be nicer people there than salisbury and andover though.

*not written to cause offence*
i went to swindon yesterday.. a townie was getting ass kicked by a metalhead.. it was awful and i wished everything could be nice.
by Tom Reeves April 02, 2005

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noun: indie singer/songwriter/guitarist. his incredibly rad album 'Where The Humans Eat' is utterly fantastic. I believe he is friends with Conor Oberst, which makes him more cool. Genius lyrics include the majority of those in the song Oxygen and Still A Fly :)
I am in love with Willy Mason because he wears cool glasses and his lyrics and his voice and his musical style is totally exhilarating
by Tom Reeves March 06, 2005

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Heaven is like the moment of clarity that our souls receive when we die. It spends a lifetime answering all the questions that we never knew the answers to, it makes us see beautiful things that earth cannot provide us with, and people we loved and lost are united with us again. Heaven is everything that we want it to be.

The Christian view seems to me as if you’ll never go to heaven unless you do everything that God supposedly wants you to do and throughout your life you must live free of sin, or at least repent it afterwards. It seems a fairly corrupt system that they seem to use as a guilt trip against us to make us start believing. I know my opinion isn’t important, nor does it have to be believed, but there’s a Heaven for every one of us out there, no matter what we’ve done, I’m sure of it; while we’re here though we can make Heaven ourselves through love and through the beauty around us.

On earth, heaven is a feeling, whilst through death it becomes a place.
1. when i die, i'll go to heaven, cause i've been good

2. i'm so in love with you, it feels like heaven
by Tom Reeves April 02, 2005

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1. adj: a word used to express one's opinion on something. one person may think something's 'cool' whilst another may not.
adverb: cooler, coolest
2. a word used aimlessly when something doesn't matter, when there's no other word to answer back to a statement with.

3. a temperature that is comfortably cold
person 1: 'music is totally cool, but star trek is not cool'
person 2: 'wtf! star trek is way cooler, like, the coolest! music is totally not cool

person 1: 'i love your hair!'
person 2: 'cool'

'the cool sea breeze swept across her beautiful face'
by Tom Reeves April 02, 2005

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a group or person who have/has a minumum of 2000 followers. So to begin with, Christianity was a load of bollocks.
in my religion, all shirts shall be untucked.
by Tom Reeves June 14, 2003

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noun1: A punk rock band who have totally sold out due to American Idiot, which is bollocks. Nethertheless, they used to be pretty cool, and i recommend Kerplunk! still.
noun2: A day which is particularly green.
1: Oh meh gawd Green Day used to be so brilliant *recites all of International Superhits*. Shame they're wank now.
2: Random Kid: Y'know what? yesterday i felt like it was a Green Day.
Random Kid's Friend: Alright!
by Tom Reeves March 06, 2005

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