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A complete dumbass; a genuine moron. Someone who has committed an act in which causes harm or temporary discomfort to another.
Do not speak to that shithead over there.

Max is a total shithead.

Frank you shithead, I could have been killed!
by Tom Main February 05, 2003

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Similar to a wet dream, only shorter.
Keith had a wet nap during chemistry class
by Tom Main February 05, 2003

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One who is extremely repulsive. This insult may also be used in completely irrelevant situations as well, which do not conform to its formal definition.
See you in hell shitface!
Keith, you shitface!
by Tom Main February 07, 2003

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A cop carrying a device similar to some sort of enlarged garden tool intended to remove the scrotum from perpetrators. Scrotocops are the most dangerous and unpredictable law enforcers when armed.
Run bitch it's the Scrotocops!

Bill was called last week down to the Scrotocop H.Q.
by Tom Main October 05, 2003

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