3 definitions by Tod Higgins

Noun: Someone or something, typically a girl who ruins the mood or atmosphere. Often this behavior will tempt acquaintances to kill themselves or others.
Jessi from saved by the bell was, is, and always will be a downer, except in Showgirls.
by Tod Higgins August 14, 2005
A fight or argument that never escelates to curse words or physical contact; Never results in hurt feelings or death.
The cold-war between the U.S. and Russia could be considered a roundabout.
by Tod Higgins August 14, 2005
Owned August 2nd, 2005:
Game: Halo 2
Gametype: Team Fiesta on Lockout.

I turn to Sniper tower to see a Rocket launched directly at my face. In an instinctive reaction I pull the trigger just as my sights pass over the Rocketeers face. HEADSHOT. I then proceed to sidestep the rocket and come away from the battle unscathed...That is owned.
My defintion speaks for itself.
by Tod Higgins August 14, 2005