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Kylix is , a component-based development environment for two-way visual development of GUI, Internet, database, and server applications, will be powered by a new high-speed native Linux C/C++/Object Pascal (Delphi) compiler that will implement a Linux version of the Borland Visual Component Library architecture.
No, I do not have ESP. I have a stupid computer with a problem. Kylix == boobs. Still, what a great excuse to upgrade from a 486 to a Pentium 300, (and whilst you're about it James, could you fit a 2d-fx video card, another 32 meg of memory, a
secondary hard drive - 3 gig will do nicely thanks, a 56kbs modem, and sort out the scanner card...)
by toasty March 05, 2004
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A zine that is your online and print source for information and opinion on the hype happening in today's world. It was created by some young adults in Lafayette who wanted a forum to express their ideas and art and get some constructive feedback.
It's not easy picking a name. If you think I'm kidding, call up your three closest friends and suggest starting a band. Then, see how far past picking a name you get-you'll quickly see exactly what we mean. Go yourself.
by bubble toes March 05, 2004
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A shallow, stemmed, two-handled drinking cup of ancient Greece.
Hear ye... grab yer kylix and hold it high. It is time for a feast my friends! We have defeated Antiokhos and his soldiers! Now will someone pass the wine?
by tasty March 05, 2004
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