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This is a Dutch term for a sexual act that involves putting a belt around a girls waist, while engaged in coitus and cinching it tightly. This causes her hips to be pulled apart, thus permitting your balls to be inserted wholly, into her vagina. The belt is released, and the sensation is enjoyed to its fullest potential.
Check out that chicks hips, I bet she's great at the plumsucker!
by Toast January 21, 2005
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Used in the same vein as many other popular, yet freakishly anti-social, yet endearing sex-acts one performs on their signifigant other, (ie: Dirty Sanchez, Plumsucker, Abe Lincoln, et al,) The VON SCHMOOT is so increadibly atavistic and vile, that its meaning defies definition.
Instead, is is used as a catch-all phrase to describe the most perverted and rotten act that your girlfriend will permit you to perform on her (willing or otherwise),yet still make you breakfast the next morning.
That chick is so freaky, instead of the "rick james", I gave her a "von schmoot". Next time I'll invite her sister too, and give 'em both a double "von schmoot".
by Toast January 21, 2005
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Pronounced "ChooFaFoo", and usually directed towards a female with too much fat and excessively tight club-clothes. Usually hideously unattractive. See Also "She-Beast", "Trugatha" and your mother!
1. I'm going after that cute girl, you play wingman and distract her ChuFaFu friend.
2. I'm never going to that bar again. It was loaded with ChuFaFu.
3. Alex was so horny, he got loaded on Malt Liquor and went trolling for ChuFaFu.
by Toast September 02, 2005
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One surrounded by a holy aura of toast.
The ToastProphet ate some toast, which was... good... and... toastiness.
by Toast July 22, 2004
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Paraphrased from an Ice Cube song. Means with great speed, really deperatley.
I need a pee like raindance

I need some loving like raindance
by Toast August 27, 2003
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by Toast October 30, 2003
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Random ficticious blotches of thermal nucleus power, usually in geometric sphericals.
Aenomicaluity anomalies of the supernatural absolute.
by toast March 21, 2003
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