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Dont be a wimp, dont complain, dont be such a pussy!
So you broke your arm, rub some Vagisil on it.

So what, your girlfriend broke up with you, rub some Vagisil on it!
by TOMM September 26, 2012
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the new york city police department especially the 123rd precinct in staten island are full of fat oinkers who bother 16 year old kids drinking and smoking pot because they have nothing better to do because they are fat slobs
those god damn oinkers bagged me

look at that oinker chomp on that donut

boy that sen hates oinkers

if tbot was here that oinker would get shanked
by ToMm December 25, 2003
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The word used for mythical (we think) legend known as T-Man he was known as the craziest sen to ever walk the mean streets of new york city he was murdered in cold blood by stabbed by his friend james patterson (who is not a wingman) his death was avenged by the great frankay who sniped james down in memory of T-Man
You are one crazy sen!!!
by ToMm November 03, 2003
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White trash malt liquor.
Yo dog! This natty ice is the shizzle!
by TomM June 27, 2004
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