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a DISNEY princess from aladin
i think princess jasmine is prettier than snow white.
by tinkerbell March 06, 2005

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sexy female who tell it like it is
damn that girl is a sineade, she is so fine
by tinkerbell January 04, 2004

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A cross between a slut and a hussy.
Did you see what that slussy had on? Her top was so low I could see her pubes and her skirt was so short I thought it was a choker!
by tinkerbell February 12, 2005

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Where me and my baby (stewart) got together.
I luv u stu!!!!
by Tinkerbell October 11, 2003

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a really good looking guy who smokes pot, he usually doesn't speak his mind which makes him mysterious and sexy
That guy is such a waspoid!
by tinkerbell June 07, 2003

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A Man Who tends to go to the wrong bathroom (the girls room) who wears too much make up and trys to hard to be cool. Likes to listen to techno and her only friend is satan. Her "cat"
"Wow did u see that guy with the whore make up on walk into the girls room? That must be a Corie Hosmer"
by TinkerBell October 09, 2004

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Milk mouse came from the famous ancient philosipher by the name of Moe Jiller. We all know Moe said it best when he saw a hideous fat retarded girl and screamed "ahhhh milk mouse." If the person is incredibally fat they are reffered to as milk moose. The ancient mesopatamian's believes milk mice to be a gift from the gods to show the normal people how ugly they could have been, thus making them feel better about themselves. This also, in effect, later on in the 20th century gave nerds and white trash people that would actually have sex with their virginal bodies.
Wow that ugly, fat, retard is definately a milk mouse
by tinkerbell September 07, 2004

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