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1. A 1990s hip-hop band.

2. Critically-acclaimed television comedy which appeared first run on Fox from November 2003 to February 2006.

"Arrested Development" is the witty, tightly-written continuing saga of the Bluth family, a thoroughly dysfunctional clan of self-absorbed noveau riche from Orange Co. California -- a group whose gross incompetence in basic life skills is exceeded only by their corruption and sense of entitlement. The story centers around second son Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), the sole capable and kind child of jailed patriarch George Bluth (Jeffrey Tambor) -- a man who as the story begins is "arrested" and jailed pending future trial by the U.S. government for allegedly making a quick buck building houses for Saddam Hussein in Iraq. It is left to good guy Michael to save the family's faltering financial empire from complete ruin during his father's imprisonment. Said financial empire consists entirely of the Bluth Company (a "development" firm whose central office is overpopulated by a score of witless drones) and the frozen banana stand from whence it sprung, located near the beach.

Living in a Bluth Co. model home of dubious quality with other family members, Michael must also attempt to raise his son, George Michael Bluth(Michael Cera) to be a good person amidst a sea of lunacy. Inmates of the asylum include Michael's twin sister, Lindsay Bluth Fünke (Portia de Rossi) -- a vapid, affection-starved thirty-something with a chronic case of maternally-induced low self-esteem; Lindsay's husband, Tobias Fünke (David Cross), a closeted queer former folk singer and psychatrist intent on becoming a professional actor despite the slight handicap of being absolutely bereft of talent; and their daughter Maebe Fünke (Alia Shawkat), a brash young woman going through normal growing pains without the slightest aid from her oblivious and inept parental units. Putting a twist upon the crowded living situation, George Michael is absolutely smitten with his worldly first cousin Maebe, and is constantly torn between social mores concerning such matters and a burning desire to requit his unrequited infatuation.

Mommy dearest is Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter), a devious, manipulative, andmean-spirited witch of a woman with a taste for vodka and the trappings of wealth. Lucille lives with her youngest son Byron "Buster" Bluth (Tony Hale), a lovable simp crushed into a neurotic neediness by his mother's domination. Lucille has grown tired of her oversized pet, but she still needs someone to help zip her up. She has nearly no affection for her jailed husband but his spacey stoner twin brother Oscar Bluth (also played by Jeffrey Tambor) can still spark her pilot light, as he apparently did 30-some years earlier, when Buster was conceived.

Oldest son George Oscar Bluth II ("Gob" -- pronounced "JOEB") (Will Arnett) is a narcissistic and self-indugent part-time magician of limited IQ, driven by a need to win paternal affirmation by constantly one-upping his smarter and harder-working younger brother Michael. Sibling rivalry knows no bounds.

Contributing to the madness are George Senior's tit-flashing young secretary and squeeze Kitty (Judy Greer); Lucille Bluth's dizzy neighbor, the widow Lucille Austero (Liza Minelli); and the Bluth Company's lawyer, Barry Zuckerkorn (Henry Winkler), the worst attorney ever to have passed the California bar.

Narration of the show is capably performed by Co-Executive Producer Ron Howard, of Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days fame. The mastermind who created the series was Mitchell Hurwitz. Hooray for both of them. Due to the advent of the DVD format and the show's rabid and missionary fanbase, Arrested Development's status as a cult classic seems assured. (Buy with confidence!)
I just bought Season 3 of Arrested Development on DVD. Let's get stoned and watch a disc tonight!
by Tim Davenport September 23, 2006

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A gentle, people-friendly breed of working dog originally bred in 1867 from a Yellow Labrador and a Tweed Water Spaniel, with that offspring later combined with the Irish Setter and Bloodhound. With hair color ranging from light blonde to deep red, the Golden Retriever can be most easily distinguished by its puffy tail plummage, altogether different from the thick, powerful tail of the Yellow Lab (the breed with which it is most often confused). Golden Retrievers may have a physique ranging from spindly and athletic to the familiar fat, furry beer keg with the wagging hindquarters and the green tennis ball hanging out of its mouth. They're house dogs (don't keep them in kennels!) and live an average of 10-12 years.
I made the mistake of setting down my burrito and it got snorked by my golden retriever.
by Tim Davenport September 15, 2006

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A genre of guitar-based rock and roll typified by fast tempos, short song duration, and aggressive delivery. Despite its "short, fast, and loud" nature, punk rock is essentially melodic. Non-"pop" punk rock is known as "hardcore."

Punk rock began in the middle 1970s with bands like The Stooges, The Ramones, and The Sex Pistols and was initially a reaction to the overproduced, lengthy, plodding corporate rock that had come to dominate the landscape. The "new wave" lasted until approximately 1982, when there was a move away from original punk to more aggressive hardcore. A second wave of punk erupted in the late 1980s and early 1990s, peaking in 1994. The genre continues to this day (as does it's musical sibling, hardcore).

While there is a philosopy closely related to punk rock ("Do It Yourself") and a visual style closely associated with punk rock (torn jeans, spikey hair, chuck taylors, etc.), please note that punk rock is a FORM OF MUSIC.
I was spinning some Damned vinyl today. Their early shit is pure punk rock.
by Tim Davenport September 16, 2006

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