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Used to be a decent rock band bringing new ideas to the scene. NOW nothing more than a boy band, with appeal to airheaded former-teenyboppers who think theyre cute. Both band and fans are crap.
Ugh, my daughter is going to a Maroon Five concert... where did we go wrong?
by Tiberius July 26, 2004

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A "lifestyle" in which people want to be different from everyone else and show that they don't care what everyone else thinks.
They typically don black eyeshadow, dye their hair black, wear black clothing that makes you think "bondage" and act like they hate the entire world. Typically, not everyone. This way, they can act EXACTLY LIKE everyone else who claims they "want to be different and don't care what everyone else thinks.
Oh come on, we all know someone like that. Poor bastards just need a hug, is what they need.
by tiberius September 05, 2004

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My rock band, an awesome rock band. No gigs yet. Stay tuned.
We All Miss Gracie can't find a gig but consists of Ben on guitar, ben on guitar, Dan on bass, and Jake on drums
by Tiberius July 26, 2004

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The sexiest of all video game players. He is a master of Halo. Bow down to him when you meet him on the streets. He is the highest for of 1337 imaginable.

Member of the TMBJ Clan.
Damn you Tiberius! Someone go kill that SOB.
by Tiberius October 23, 2003

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