3 definitions by Theroyalthickness

Someone who is attractive but is also a savage beast.
"see that female bodybuilder over there? She's strong and beautiful, she's brute-i-ful!"
by Theroyalthickness January 29, 2016
When you lose a game, competition or challenge in under 1 minute and in devestating fashion, similar to how ufc woman's bantamweight champion Ronda rousey defeated her last three opponents in devastating fashion all in under 1 minute
Man Joey is getting Ronda'd by Matt in this tennis match
by Theroyalthickness August 14, 2015
When a person gets so frightened that they're soul literally leaves their body, leaving them paralyzed in fear for a few minutes
Stacy get soul trapped by Kevin when he woke her up with an air horn
by Theroyalthickness September 23, 2015