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The lead character from the Image comic, “SPAWN”
A former government assassin, Lieutenant Colonel Albert F. Simmons.

Upon being murdered by Chapel and Priest, fellow assassins, Al is sent to hell where he makes a pact with the devil (Known as Malebolgia in the comic). Al agrees to give Malebolgia his soul, and to lead hell’s army to the gates of heaven, thus kick-starting the Apocalypse. Upon making this deal with Malebolgia, Al Simmons becomes a Hellspawn, and adopts the name “Spawn” for short.

Spawn possesses a variety of powers and abilities, with the help of his parasitic suit, his cape and chains.
To name a few things, Spawn is able to shoot concentrated *necroplasm from his hands, and on occasion has shot a beam of necroplasm from his chest.
He can use his chains to grapple distant objects, to pull himself up to difficult to reach areas, and to bind his victims. They also come in handy for whipping people, and just look kind of neat.
His cape gives him the ability to “fly” although it’s more like floating, seeing as there is no wing or arm flapping involved. It can also take on the forms of many objects (Such as in the game SPAWN: Armageddon, where it becomes an axe named Agony) be used for self protection, as a shield, or to wrap up victims in a “cocoon”. The cape also has the ability to hunt independently of Spawn, although long separation from him would result in death of the cape.
Spawn can also teleport, re-generate when harmed, and create illusions and hallucinations in other peoples minds. He has the ability to see what is in peoples minds, hearts and souls. He absorbs the sins of people through contact with “underworld creatures” (things such as spiders, snakes, worms, insects) and gains much of his power this way.

Spawn is a master of guns and weapons, and knows many martial art styles, which aide him in his fighting technique.

*Necroplasm is the matter from which Spawn’s body is formed. Green and glowing in appearance, it is lethal to others in more ways than one. If necroplasm should find it’s way into your body or blood system you can expect an extremely painful demise.

SPAWN was created by Todd McFarlane and is a registered trademark.
Al Simmons is the current Spawn, but there have been past Spawns, and there will be future Spawns also. Cogliostro was a former Spawn, and in pre-issue 100 Spawn, Cog was Al's mentor.

"Curse of the Spawn" follows the future Spawn, where as "Medieval Spawn" follows the story of a past Spawn, although "SPAWN" is the original.
by Therindos February 04, 2006

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Best known by the name "Nuke" A fabricated designer drug from the movie Robocop 2. The Nuke that was in use on the streets was "Red Ramrod". Mood altering and extremely addictive, said to be "The most addictive narcotic the world has ever seen" - "A plague"
Also said to be a "cheap and clean" alternative to other narcotics.

Used to control ones moods, several other drugs were also under development but they never made it to the streets. These include -

White Noise
Black Thunder
Blue Velvet

Each drug had a trademark colour, as implied by the name, Red Ramrod was red, Blue Velvet was blue, etc.
Each drug also having a different effect. The drug came in a small plastic pod with a needle on the end, it was injected directly into the jugular/neck. Fast acting. Effects lasting for one or two days before the user experiences "the shakes" and requires another dose or "shot"

Cain takes credit for the drug, although he had a scientist working on the formula of the drugs, “Hank”.
Cain looked upon his drugs as being a way to liberate people, and bring them peace. He himself was an addicted user, and this played the role in his downfall in the movie.
To control ones mood as one sees fit, for a night of lovin' one would use "Blue Velvet" as it puts one in a mood of heightened sexual awareness. Would result in horniness, and thinking that one is more desirable than they really are.

Red Ramrod is the basic mood modifier, making you generally happy-go-lucky and giving the feeling that all is well in the (or your own little) world. Feeling of a constant high is experienced by the Red Ramrod users.

One can only assume what the White Noise and Black Thunder do, as they were never used in the movie, only mentioned.
But the names pretty much speak for themselves.
by Therindos February 04, 2006

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Even more elusive than the Great Noodlemantaro, Christetzuken is a mysterious ninja and true ladies man.
So little is known of Christetzuken that no one is even sure if he really exists, although it is whispered amongst travellers that he once beat Noodlemantaro.

It is also whispered that Christetzuken possesses the ability to finish any opponent in one move, but how this is achieved is also a mystery.
Rumour has it you can lure Christetzuken out of hiding by using a beautiful young Asian lady as bait.
by Therindos February 04, 2006

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The (fabricated) designer drug used in the 1991 movie, Robocop 2.
This drug was extremely addictive, and used to alter and control ones mood as one sees fit. It came in several varieties:

Red Ramrod
Black Thunder
White Noise
Blue Velvet

The most commonly used variety being the Red Ramrod.
This drug was popular due to it's strong effects and cheap price. Red Ramrod gave the user a constant high for one to two days before the effects wore off. This drug was designed by Cain, and a scientist named Hank.
Nuke came in a small pod with a needle on the end, and was injected directly into the jugular/neck. Depending on the exact type of Nuke used, effects would differ.
by Therindos February 04, 2006

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The elusive master of Ninjitsu and Noodle-war.
Noodlemantaro uses a variety of noodle foods as weapons, and can often be seen swooning over Heather from Silent Hill.
Noodlemantaro often comes out of his battles as the victor, although I heard once that some guy named Christetzuken beat him up...

When Noodlemantaro is not fighting crime... and not swooning over Heather, he can be found in his neat and tidy room (Or Noodle-Lair), eating a bowl of noodles, and playing some Grade-A video game.

Noodlemantaro's true identity is not known, but there are rumours floating around that his first name is something really goofy that starts with an L, and that is why he decided to disguise himself.

Noodlemantaro has possession of a small, dragon-like sculpture which he calls Bahamut. This may be the source of his awesome power.
Noodlemantaro was trained by the wise old Noodle-Sage from a young age. Noodlemantaro seeks revenge upon the one who killed his Noodle-Sage Sensei, and won't stop until he finds the killer.
by Therindos February 04, 2006

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