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Best known by the name "Nuke" A fabricated designer drug from the movie Robocop 2. The Nuke that was in use on the streets was "Red Ramrod". Mood altering and extremely addictive, said to be "The most addictive narcotic the world has ever seen" - "A plague"
Also said to be a "cheap and clean" alternative to other narcotics.

Used to control ones moods, several other drugs were also under development but they never made it to the streets. These include -

White Noise
Black Thunder
Blue Velvet

Each drug had a trademark colour, as implied by the name, Red Ramrod was red, Blue Velvet was blue, etc.
Each drug also having a different effect. The drug came in a small plastic pod with a needle on the end, it was injected directly into the jugular/neck. Fast acting. Effects lasting for one or two days before the user experiences "the shakes" and requires another dose or "shot"

Cain takes credit for the drug, although he had a scientist working on the formula of the drugs, “Hank”.
Cain looked upon his drugs as being a way to liberate people, and bring them peace. He himself was an addicted user, and this played the role in his downfall in the movie.
To control ones mood as one sees fit, for a night of lovin' one would use "Blue Velvet" as it puts one in a mood of heightened sexual awareness. Would result in horniness, and thinking that one is more desirable than they really are.

Red Ramrod is the basic mood modifier, making you generally happy-go-lucky and giving the feeling that all is well in the (or your own little) world. Feeling of a constant high is experienced by the Red Ramrod users.

One can only assume what the White Noise and Black Thunder do, as they were never used in the movie, only mentioned.
But the names pretty much speak for themselves.
by Therindos February 04, 2006
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