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A really stupid way of saying "like" used by teenage girls while Iming each other.
asianprincess101:omg! I totally lyk him!
chickychick423:biotch! i lyk him more than you!
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Very cool, smooth. See silkalicious
Dude, that girl is soooo silky.
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Just another form of the word silky
That girl was soooooooooooooo silkalicious.
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An adjective describes something that\'s awesome. Synonymous with fasmitagical. You give someone mad props for doing something rockstarlicious.
Man, that basketball game was awesome. You were rockstarlicious out there.
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You probably don't want to know, but it sounds like one of those words you learn in health class. Yeah.
Holy sh!t! How did that undulation end up on the wall!

We had to evacuate the pool because she undulated in it.
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