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noun; One who engages in the act of fully inserting testicles into his/her mouth and suckling them.
guy1:I saw Joey sucking some guy's nards the other day. He sure had a mouthful!

guy2:Wow, Joey is such a ball eater!
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1. n; One who feels as if him or herself is going insane due to the lack of exposure to vagina.

2. n; Someone who is addicted to vagina-licking.
"Gloria is such a mad twatter. I've never in my life seen a lesbian who couldn't go one minute without tasting a fur burger!"
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n; whilst engaging in foreplay, the state of the male penis when it is fully prepared for penetration. Symptoms of this state are usually big, red/purple, throbbing, uncontrollable penises.
"Randy, I think we should skip the forplay, you've got yourself a cock baloon!"
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