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@FatherLippy: Inshallah the next girl you have sex with gets pregnant. Every man on the TL, every man

@giosenzapaura: Wtf nah nigga Outshallah to that shit
by TheWingedTree January 19, 2019
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A person who believes that all social groups deserve equal representation in STEM fields
"Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics belong to everybody!" proclaimed the STEMinist.
by TheWingedTree May 20, 2018
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Person Whom I Fuck
They're not special enough to be my boyfriend/girlfriend but we're more than just friends. They're my PWIF.
by TheWingedTree May 25, 2018
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Person Whom I Fuck
I think that to be loved secondly is unfairly regarded by society as an inconsolable tragedy especially if it's by a lover or a pwif.
I am loved secondly by parents, by friends, by teachers.
To be loved as a second doesn't spark fierce jealousy.

Why should lovers be any different?
by TheWingedTree May 21, 2018
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The endpoint of the adulting process. An enlightened adult.
A fully-fledged adult.
Sam just turned 18 last month but she is far from being a mature endult
by TheWingedTree November 19, 2016
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