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What a horny dog gets. The males are the only one who experience this. It is just a dogs erection and it looks like a pink lipstick. Stay far away if your a man - the dog may start humping your leg. If you are a girl - dont us the lipstick.
Man 1: Dude my girl got drunk and gave my dog a blowjob!
Man 2: Woah WTF!!!!!!????
Man 1: She put on her dogs lipstick.
by TheShadowOfThePhoenixPhantom August 30, 2016
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1) You look worse than medusa omg
2) not as bad but my eyes are still melting
3) getting there still fugly
4) if she was the last person on earth...
5) give or take
6) your cute
7) your fit
8) scared to talk to her
9) *erection*
10) excuse me for 20 minutes...
Man 1: dude my girl asked for a 1-10 female attractiveness scale rating what do I do?
Man 2: Tell her she's a 1 and run
by TheShadowOfThePhoenixPhantom August 27, 2016
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Someone who is absolutely shit at driving and only pisses other drivers off.
Yo dude its a bmw driver watch out
I know man look at the make its self explanatory
by TheShadowOfThePhoenixPhantom August 28, 2016
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The action taken when a small child (he/she) has to go to the toilet with someone holding it for them.
Do you need the toilet?
Yes but im scared of the tiddly piddle
by TheShadowOfThePhoenixPhantom August 27, 2016
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