3 definitions by TheSavageAaron

To express sheer happiness and appreciation for a job well done and meal well served
When you’ve been hungry af and whoever whippin’ in the kitchen walks around the corner with that hot plate one might exclaim, “BON APPÉYEET!!!.”
by TheSavageAaron October 15, 2018
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The word a stupid fuck uses to define wheels that commonly have negative offset values.
Damn bruh them offsets you have for sale are tight can I make payments?
by TheSavageAaron November 17, 2016
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Originating from being remarkably high off of Xanax or Zannys to the point where your brain almost shuts down.

Now in drug culture it is used in general in reference to being high.
He or she isn’t high, they’re zooted. In other words, completely gone off this earth.
by TheSavageAaron August 23, 2020
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