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When you jerk off in your bathtub multiple times causing a wonderful tub of old cum to develop over time.
You should come see my White Bay, it's pretty grand!
by TheREALRasputin February 1, 2017
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A game where you translate a random sentence on Google Translate multiple times to make it become broken English. It's called Google Telephone because it refers to the game Telephone that we would always play in grade school.
Steps how to play:
1. Translate a sentence into a random language
2. Take the new translated sentence and translate that into another language
3. Repeat step 2 multiple times (around ten times is good)
4. Translate the sentence back into English
5. Enjoy (the sentence will be far from what you started with)
I played Google Telephone and "whale cum" turned into "no personal".
by TheREALRasputin February 1, 2017
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Is the exact opposite of an actual chill person. Usually brags about his dick size to people he thinks are his friends and in reality his dick is just ten inches of foreskin and smegma. Someone who is a Chill guy gained this label by referring to themselves as a "Chill Guy" on multiple occasions and says he is "down to fuck". When you use this word to describe someone you're most likely being sarcastic.
Yeah that guy Jake, he's a pretty Chill guy.
by TheREALRasputin February 2, 2017
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