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The god of evil in certain Japanese cult religions such as Monster Hunter. Pokegamism (the worship of Pokegami) is currently gaining in popularity, thanks to the Gigginox Incident, where Pokegami triumphed over Arato, the main god of these cults. Symptoms that Pokegami is taking over your mind include an aversion to white dragons and developing incredible resistance to fire.
A: But Pokegami...
B: You can't mention P******i, you know, it's taboo.
by TheOriginalPokegami September 20, 2011
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For somebody to win a physical fight due to the opponent being mentally unfit (i.e. stupid). Originated from Smogon.
They were winning five-one, but then their mind slipped and I won due to a sceptile moment.
by TheOriginalPokegami September 26, 2011
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To manipulate something so it turns formal or posh, so it will fit in with such an environment. Named after Kyoto, Japan, where this practice is mastered. (see kyotisation, kyotomorph)
It's obviously been kyotised - look at what it really is, for goodness sake!
by TheOriginalPokegami November 16, 2011
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To facepalm yourself with reading material. Usually induced when a statement that generally causes a regular facepalm is said to somebody reading, generally referring to what they are reading.
A: Tom Riddle is the same person as Voldemort, you know.
B: *face book*
by TheOriginalPokegami March 23, 2012
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A modern Japanese cult centred around the god Zun. Touhou believers usually find enlightenment in hallucinations of "bullet hell games. Currently, Touhou believers are waiting for an astrological event known as the Thirteenth Game.
Don't you try to make me join Touhou, I'm a devout atheist.
by TheOriginalPokegami September 20, 2011
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