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When on a server in Minecraft, you have to go into peoples houses and search them top to bottom. You would also be looking for secret entrances, bunkers, chests, and hidden loot.
Player 1: Hey, dude why are you in my house?
Player 2: I'm looking for some gold ingots.
Player 1: Man, come on this isn't the airport. You're like the Minecraft TSA.
by TheMinecraftPlaya June 08, 2013

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That one guy or girl that keeps you from being either heterosexual or homosexual.
Josh: Hey, do you want to go the strip club tonight
Patrick: Nah, I'll just sit here and watch gay porn.
Josh: Well, Danielle is going to meet us for dinner afterwards.
Patrick: If Danielle's going to be there then I'm going for sure.
Josh: She sounds like your Buffer Person.
by TheMinecraftPlaya June 12, 2013

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When a guy gets hard just from light physical contact with or just being around a person that he is crushing on. It happens without warning and can sometimes create an awkward situation if the other person notices.
Jimmy: Hey Daniel! Me and Jessica are having an arm wrestling contest. Do you want in?
Daniel: Nah, with Jessica there I'll just get another Accidental Boner.
Jimmy: Jessica is pretty hot. I understand.
by TheMinecraftPlaya June 10, 2013

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When a guy has feelings for girls but also feels a non-sexual attraction to another guy.
Dude, I have such a Man-Crush on Austin
by TheMinecraftPlaya June 11, 2013

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When a guy gets a boner during an activity requiring physical contact. The person that they are aroused by can be male or female depending on the guys sexual preference.
Jeff: Hey Daniel! Do you want to play Rugby with me and Jessie?
Daniel: No thanks. I like Jessie and might end up Playing-it-Hard
Jeff: I understand!
by TheMinecraftPlaya June 10, 2013

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