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Undrinkable, disgusting blue crap. Nuff' said.
What is this, blueberry juice mixed with water? Come on Pepsi, are you really gonna lose to Coke?
by TheBurninator November 29, 2003

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Something a lot of people drink at christmas, but very few actually like it.
"Ok, dad, i got the three litres of egg nog again this year."
"Great, son, now put them in the landfill along with the the rest."
by TheBurninator December 11, 2003

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A word used in place of Jesus as a less offensive way of saying it. Originated from the Simpsons, but has found its way into a whole lot of other things.
"Hey, guys, on page 375 it says Jeebus."
"It's supposed to say Jesus, right?"
by TheBurninator December 09, 2003

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