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Almost synonymous with cockblock, but worse. Someone who constantly thwarts sexual encounters out of jealousy because they have no game. Can single-handedly ruin a party unless immediately kicked out.
Who invited Lawrence? Get him the fuck outta here, he's a total fuckbuster.
by The TrUth will find you out March 01, 2015

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Any racist, self-proclaimed conservative who is willing to believe - or conceive - any ignorant, misinformed and/or racist statement about minorities and Democratic politicians, most notably President Obama, who, despite their best efforts to prevent it, was elected President of the United States twice. Shortened term for "cranky crotchety conservative crackpot."
1. Noun: "One of the most outspoken 4Cs in America is Rush Limbaugh."

2. Verb: "Oh great, there goes Bill O'Reilly 4Cing again."

3. Karl Rove 4Cd all night on Fox News after the election was over.
by The TrUth will find you out January 05, 2013

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A noticeable change in your behavior after you start dating someone. If you don't act as wild as you used to, you've "turnt down for bae".
Guy 1: Alright, so who's payin for strippers?
Guy 2: No strippers, guys. She, uh... you know.
Guy 3: Oh right, turn down for bae.
by The TrUth will find you out March 29, 2015

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Contraction of the term "freaky secret". An anonymous, previously unknown confession of sexual desire sent to a person by someone they know personally. Usually from someone whom you'd least expect it. Made popular by the social media app Profoundly.
Profoundly's got everybody revealing all their freakrets.
by The TrUth will find you out April 18, 2019

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