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Center for Talented Youth
Center for Trouble Youth
Corrupt The Youth
Society of Bad Spellers

Nerd-camp to those who have not participated. A summer program where a class occupies most of your time on paper, and relationships occupy most of your time in reality. Consists of several sites, of which LANCASTER and Carslile are the best, and St.Mary's and John Hopkins are the worst (ironic in that it is technically the John Hopkins Talent Search). An unforgatable, and occasionally life-changing experience for those who participated. At any rate, you never lose the friends or the memories.
CTY has a nice butt, CTY we love you. Take off your clothes, take off your clothes, CTY we love you.
by The French Girl January 03, 2005

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Group of people from CTY LAN who appeared during 2001, and sat in the alcove of Dining Room 1. Responsible for the through continuation of most Lancasterian traditions, such as bathrobe wearing on Thursdays. Exiled from the Alcove in 2002 thanks to the Salad Bar Coup (the protest was broken up by RA's who insisted that we must sit in chairs in the cafeteria). Became the Alcove in Exiled Squared in 2004 when the cafeteria shut down due to construction, and dining facilities were moved to the ASFC. The "status" of this groups as either simply a group of firends, or an organized institution, is a never-ending debate.
Cya in the Alcove for lunch!
Note to all: I love the Passionfruit.
by The French Girl January 03, 2005

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Main character for the enaction of American Pie by Don McLean, part of the CTY Canon CD, and the last song played at any CTY dance, at any site. The Jester is endowed with a hat and "a coat he borrowed from James Dean".
Who's the Jester this year?
It's the Jester hat!
by The French Girl January 03, 2005

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Nickname for someone who is attending CTY Lancaster for the first time. (At Carslile they call them sperms. I prefer squirrell)
Hey look, there's a squirrell!
by The French Girl January 03, 2005

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Inspiration for a question game required an increasing number of people. You are asked the opening question and answer with the set response. At the end, turn to someone else (anyone from a complete stranger to someone's who's standing there waiting to join) and ask the opening question. Results in a long chain of people passing repsonses or question from the original person to the most recent participant.
Wanna buy a Duck?
A what?
A Duck.
Does it quack?
Of course it quacks.
Let me hear it quack.
by The French Girl January 05, 2005

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