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The only state in the USA that's universally despised by both the South and the North!
"New Jersey: the Garden State! Yeah, right! If you're growing smokestacks!" -- George Carlin
by The Dude June 20, 2003
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Fape is a combination of two words, fuck and rape. It means an extreme or severe form of rape.
I just got faped on that test.
by The Dude December 06, 2004
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University of Southern California. By no means on the level of Stanford or Cal Tech in California, but well-known and respected in Southern California. Many of its students seemingly have trouble making the distinction between academic and athletic prestige.
I went to USC, but found out that on the East Coast, they think I'm from South Carolina.
by The Dude January 11, 2005
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All of the bad things that can happen do, thus saying fuck for each thing until this becomes cluster fuck.
John: First I to school late, then got a detentionn for it, then got to detention late, and worst of all my dad didn't believe I got a detention.
Jane: Damn, you got Cluster Fucked
by The Dude February 27, 2005
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