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Term used to describe attempts, usually by kids, to recreate in their own back yards the kind of wrestling seen on television. Often done innocent of the fact that tv wrestling is well-planned and executed choroegraphed theatrical stunts, it can and frequently does lead to broken bones and other serious injury.
The poor kid got a concussion when his friend hit him in the head with a chair while they were backyard wrestling.
by The Doctor November 07, 2004

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A term meaning tired or exhausted.
I'm completely fagged after walking five miles!
by The Doctor September 27, 2004

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n. joking term used to refer to mischievious kids.
I've told you more than once, your child is a Demon Spawn.
by The Doctor October 18, 2004

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Short for St. Louis, Missouri. (Not to be confused with the loo, British slang for the toilet.)
We went to da lou for a good time.
by The Doctor September 24, 2004

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In common usage, generally any young hispanic/Mexican-American males perceived (through similarity of garb, haircuts, etc.) to be members of a street gang. Actual gang in Southern California dates back to and rivals the Hell's Angels
"I think those Mexican guys standing on the corner are probably pachucos."
by The Doctor September 27, 2004

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1. cross-eyed or cockeyed
2. grade school children's euphamism for shit

Note: Term was used a few times by "Al" on the tv show QUANTUM LEAP; which definition was intended is a matter of personal interpretation.
"His view of the situation is ka ka."

"I just made a ka ka in my pants."
by The Doctor September 02, 2004

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A roll of fat on a woman that hangs low and protects the beaver from outside forces.
Hey, check out that girl; she's got a beaver barrier.
by The Doctor March 28, 2003

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