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Term used to describe attempts, usually by kids, to recreate in their own back yards the kind of wrestling seen on television. Often done innocent of the fact that tv wrestling is well-planned and executed choroegraphed theatrical stunts, it can and frequently does lead to broken bones and other serious injury.
The poor kid got a concussion when his friend hit him in the head with a chair while they were backyard wrestling.
by The Doctor November 7, 2004
A woman who enjoys sex and isn't ashamed to admit it. One who probably reads PLAYGIRL magazines, acts out her own nonharmful fantasies, is concerned with sex as a mutual pleasure and does what it takes to reach her own sexual fulfillment.
She's an unabashed playgirl and proud of it.
by The Doctor December 26, 2005
Someone who eats bush and leaves!
That's tight dogg, you're a regular Koala Bear!
by The Doctor May 10, 2003
Pig Latin for "foe"; often used by urban blacks from about the '40s onwards to alert others to the presence of whites.
"Watch it, here come the oefay."
by The Doctor December 14, 2004
The microcosm made up of people who are fans of a fiction genre, or of a subgenre, who have their own clubs, conventions and amateur magazines (fanzines), dating back (in some cases) to the early 1930s. Some of these are overlapping. Star Trek fandom, for example, started in science fiction fandom and eventually became a separate fandom on its own. Comics fandom and even rock (music) fandom also started there before becoming separate entities.
Harry published one of the best fanzines in fandom back in the 1930s.
by The Doctor November 7, 2004
v. To smoke a cigarette or a joint in such a way as to leave the end wet with spit, thus making it something no one wants to toke on.
Hey, man, don't bogart that joint!
by The Doctor January 9, 2005
n. The person who is a victim of a computer hacker.
v. The past tense of "hack" with regard to computers.
1. The hacked complained about what was done to his computer last night.

2. I didn't tell him, but I hacked his computer last night.
by The Doctor November 24, 2004