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Supposedly a party where girls wearing different colored lipstick all have oral sex with one or more guys, leaving the guys with a "rainbow" colored penis. Some people appear to believe that it's just an urban legend.
"I felt left out because I only had six different colors of lipstick on my dick when I left the party."
by The Doctor January 17, 2005

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The microcosm made up of people who are fans of a fiction genre, or of a subgenre, who have their own clubs, conventions and amateur magazines (fanzines), dating back (in some cases) to the early 1930s. Some of these are overlapping. Star Trek fandom, for example, started in science fiction fandom and eventually became a separate fandom on its own. Comics fandom and even rock (music) fandom also started there before becoming separate entities.
Harry published one of the best fanzines in fandom back in the 1930s.
by The Doctor November 07, 2004

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1. Performing fellatio by relaxing the back of the throat to avoid the gag reflex, resulting in deeper penetration of the penis.
2. Title of an XXX movie starring Linda Lovelace which centered on this method of performing fellatio.
3. Name given to an informant, believed to be high in government circles, who helped WASHINGTON POST reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in their investigation of the famous Watergate case which ultimately resulted in the resignation of Richard Nixon as President of the United States.
"When she performed deep throat on me, it made me forget all other blowjobs."

"I haven't been able to watch 'Deep Throat' since I found out that Linda Lovelace was performing under the threat of a gun by her so-called boyfriend."

"Carl and Bob promised not to release their informant's identity, so they called him Deep Throat."
by The Doctor September 28, 2004

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n. NE England slang term for idiotic dickhead
Ah, fuck off, ya daft cunt.
by The Doctor September 28, 2004

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Performing fellatio or having it performed by relaxing the back of the throat, eliminating the gag reflex, to allow deeper penetration of the penis.
My girlfriend enjoys the power she feels in making me climax by deep throating.
by The Doctor September 28, 2004

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1. Fiction written by fans about an extant fictional universe.
2. Amateur fiction of any kind published in fanzines.
He wrote a great piece of fan fiction set in the universe of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

She had a piece of fan fiction published in THE CRUDZINE QUARTERLY.
by The Doctor November 09, 2004

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How Valentino Rossi, the current three time MotoGP motorcycle champion from Italy says the word fuck.
His quote, "the first time I rode the 500, FACK!"
by The Doctor February 22, 2005

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