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The act of not caring, literally not giving a fuck, up to 13 (a baker's dozen) times more than you would normally.
Man 1: "Hey do you mind if I go out with your ex-wife, she's been calling me for weeks?"

Man 2: "I don't give a baker's fuck what you do."
by The Civil Word Servant October 16, 2010
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The super virus /sexually transmitted disease that has resulted from New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski having sex with everyone's girlfriends, wives and favorite porn stars. The condition can only be cured by a heavy dose of antibiotics or if Rob Gronkowski opens his mouth and speaks.
If the Patriots game just ended and your wife seemed to only be cheering for Gronkowski and now she's horny... be careful she may have the Gronk.

If after sex you feel nauseous and dirty and things just don't seem right, you may have to go to the doctor... you might have the Gronk.

(Note: There is a higher chance your lady has the Gronk if you are a Jets fan)
by The Civil Word Servant January 18, 2012
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Someone who loves his/herself to such an extreme that it is a sexual orientation in and of itself.
She rambled on for hours about how great she is, I seriously think that she masturbates in front of a mirror; she's so friggin' narcissexual!
by The Civil Word Servant October 11, 2010
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Version 1: An offer from another person that you previously found attractive (sometimes in the heat of the moment) which completely changed your mind so that you are now repulsed by them.

Version 2: The strategy of blowing people off at places such as bars by facetiously leading them to believe that you are interested in them and then making an outrageous offer meant to turn them off and make them go away.
Version 1:

Woman: "I want you now"

Man: "I want you too"

Woman: "Mmm, I want to give you a golden shower"

Man: "Whoa, wait, what?...no, no, no-thank you! ...that's a turn off-offer"

Version 2: "I would love to go back to your place and meet your pet land snails; Johnny Depp and Tom Brady, ...Mmm... and in the morning I'll saute and hand feed them to you in bed!

Then tells his friends: "I just gave that chick a turn off-offer she couldn't refuse".
by The Civil Word Servant October 12, 2010
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The art of rapping about smoking blunts, banging ho's and busting caps while doing public service advertisements telling kids to stay in school and stay out of trouble.
Wow, have you listened to that new Jay-Z album? One minute he's selling drugs, shooting at people and the next he is telling kids to stay in school, ain't that some hip hop-pocrisy.
by The Civil Word Servant October 15, 2010
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The conceptual combination of monogamy and monopoly.

see marriage
Bro, competition leads to innovation, you don't want to get stuck in a monogopoly
by The Civil Word Servant October 12, 2010
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A twitter tweet that turns out to be so much more than a bad idea.
Policeman: "We know that you were at the scene of the crime last night."

Man: "I'm telling you I wasn't!"

Policeman: "Well that's not what you told your followers on twitter, and see... here is a picture."

Man: "Well isn't this a tweetastrophe!"
by The Civil Word Servant October 12, 2010
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