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A tv show on the internet that lasted twelve episodes. It started in July 2007 and ended in August 2012. The show is about lego people trying to fight an interstellar virus called the Goobs. They later have to fight people called the peacemakers and defeat darth natus. The show is really good. The stopmotion cartoon has very good lessons and the characters have great development in the later seasons. It even had a sequel six years later in 2017 and still has more episodes being made. The second show is just as good. You should check out both, I highly recommend you do.
John: Hey Jim, have you seen RAOL?

Jim: Yes I actually have and it’s not bad! It’s that lego show, right?

John: Yes and more episodes are being made today in 2018.
by The guy with the orange July 07, 2018
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A person that assumes anything they think is true even though it’s not. Mostly a person who always says that another person lies about everything even though they are god damn honest. The assumer can be a nuisance and makes an ASS not only out of themselves but all the people around them.
Jerry: Hey mike, you pissed in the tub!

Mike: No Jerry that was the dog you ASS-UMER!

Jerry: why did you space out assumer?

Mike: ASS-UMER means that you make an ass always assuming things that are not true.
by The guy with the orange July 11, 2018
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Gremlins are a rare species of goblins. They start as fuzzy little creatures called Mogwais but they become disgusting and foul if they get the munchies after midnight. Gremlins come in very interesting and unique varieties of races. Some are green with yellow eyes, some are brown with wight fur, and some have red spines extended out on their backs.
Citrus: Hey, I fed my mogwai and now it’s a gremlin.


Citrus: Um, he looks less wimpy and more cool?

Jack: But gremlins are foul creatures!
by The guy with the orange September 23, 2018
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Death is the end of phase 1 of your life. Phase 2 begins in the second life. The second life is mostly confused with reincarnation, but it isn’t. It means you are judged and that’s it. Nothing else.
Dave: Death is going to reap another soul today.

Bob: Who?

Dave: Me!

Bob: Well I’ll see you soon when I die too.
by The guy with the orange August 31, 2018
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Turtle Time is a secret area located on a small moon. Turtle Time is a building that is in the shape of a turtle. Tourists are welcomed to discover the turtle statues inside the building. The turtle statues contain alien guts inside.
Dave: Hey have you heard about that cool place called Turtle Time?

Bob: Turtle Time? What’s that?

Dave: It’s a building in the shape of a turtle! Duh!
by The guy with the orange January 31, 2019
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The Peacemakers are military units genetically bred for combat and battle. They are reckless at times especially saying random words during battle but they are the perfect soldiers. Each peacemaker has a certain color on their armour that represents a mark they lead in.
Scientist: Gentlemen, I give you, the Peacemaker!

The People: We’ve decided that the Peacemakers will be used for war.

Scientist: Good, we will be cloning Five Million in a few months.
by The guy with the orange September 05, 2018
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