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A tv show on the internet that lasted twelve episodes. It started in July 2007 and ended in August 2012. The show is about lego people trying to fight an interstellar virus called the Goobs. They later have to fight people called the peacemakers and defeat darth natus. The show is really good. The stopmotion cartoon has very good lessons and the characters have great development in the later seasons. It even had a sequel six years later in 2017 and still has more episodes being made. The second show is just as good. You should check out both, I highly recommend you do.
John: Hey Jim, have you seen RAOL?

Jim: Yes I actually have and it’s not bad! It’s that lego show, right?

John: Yes and more episodes are being made today in 2018.
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by The guy with the orange July 07, 2018
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