10 definitions by The Wild Weston

1. An American state that, believe it or not, consists primarily of country fields, mountains, and forests. New York City is not all of New York, it's like 0.01% The Finger Lakes are where you want to be.

2. The state name that appears under "I *heart*" on someone's shirt who's never been to New York in their life.

3. A state that is geographically ideal and full of parks and beauty, but politically a cesspool that drives lifelong residents out.
Ellie: "You coming to New York tomorrow?"
Adam: "You never mentioned anything about New York before. You going to Manhattan?"
Ellie: "Heck, no. The Finger Lakes Region. I'm going to see the Corning Museum of Glass."
by The Wild Weston March 3, 2022
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1. The single greatest song created in the history of the world by David Wise for the stage Bramble Blast of Donkey Kong Country 2 that nearly went unused and was originally created for an underwater level.
2. A great, nostalgic, beautiful, or emotional song
"I hate that stage, but, man, Stickerbush Symphony is a masterpiece!"
"Ever heard Dead in the Water by Ellie Goulding?"
"I don't think so."
"Dude, that's Ellie's Stickerbush Symphony! Hits me in the feels."
by The Wild Weston March 3, 2022
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Every person who submits a word definition into Urban Dictionary.
Man, the people who write these definitions are freaking illiterate!
by The Wild Weston March 10, 2023
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I'm still falling for Ellie! I can't stop.

She's so angelic! Definitely an Ellie!
by The Wild Weston February 16, 2020
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A term that people who have never been to New York use to refer to New York that New Yorkers themselves never use.
"Ah, you're from The Big Apple."
by The Wild Weston March 3, 2022
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One of the greatest music producers of all time responsible for creating many peoples' childhoods and the genius behind the greatest track ever, Stickerbush Symphony.
David Wise is the best.
by The Wild Weston March 3, 2022
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A city in Ohio with a hyperactive towing crew just lying in wait so they can snatch up your car the moment you break down and impound it so you have to spend extra time retrieving it even though you were just passing through and stopped briefly but now you're stuck for three days and not only need to pay to get your car back from the thieves who are the town, but need to also have your car repaired afterwards.
Hey, man. Whatever you do, do not stop in Columbus.
by The Wild Weston March 18, 2023
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