1) The song in the Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest level "Bramble Blast"
2) A song, both depressing and uplifting, that invokes a teary catharsis by oxymoron.
1) Upon hearing "Stickerbush Symphony," I knew I had reached the most frustrating level in the game.
2) "I'll Stand by You" is a stickerbush symphony: the obvious tears play host to a supporting voice.
by r0ffles December 1, 2009
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1. The single greatest song created in the history of the world by David Wise for the stage Bramble Blast of Donkey Kong Country 2 that nearly went unused and was originally created for an underwater level.
2. A great, nostalgic, beautiful, or emotional song
"I hate that stage, but, man, Stickerbush Symphony is a masterpiece!"
"Ever heard Dead in the Water by Ellie Goulding?"
"I don't think so."
"Dude, that's Ellie's Stickerbush Symphony! Hits me in the feels."
by The Wild Weston March 3, 2022
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