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Sigma Male is basically a Loser and a Misogynist who's hating on Women and harrass them because he can't get a girlfriend or a wife in longer terms, he has no friends who can set him up either, spends his days idolising someone named Jordan Belfort who went to Jail for Scans
Sigma Male hates Patrick for having a Girlfriend called Laura, he touched Laura and was beaten badly, moreover the family dog bite his ass too, 30 years later, Laura and Patrick died and their kids are doing their lives now whereas Sigma Male lives alone and has 60 Million Dollars and Regrets of not going out to Dates, Parties, Functions etc and died alone.
by The Vigilante January 1, 2023
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A mcutard is a guy who doesn't have good taste in Movies and Comics, does not consider X-Men, Spider-Man Original or Amazing Spider-Man, Blade, Sonyverse or Fantastic 4 as Marvel because they don't have Disney's Logo on it and defends shit MCU films like Incredible Hulk, Captain Marvel, Ironman Trilogy, Spider-Man HomeCumming and Fat From Home etc, jerks off to Tom Holland and counts him Comic Accurate Spider-Man because he's Ironman Bitch that's why
Mcutard Kellum Bruce Dietz spent 8 years in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Telegram making fun of Zack Snyder cause he will never be on his level

Aaron Martinez a mcutard bullies Tribhuvan to hear suicide and gets his ass kicked in Robert Vs Ben Debate

Seamus O'riley is a bug mcutard he jerks off to Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan

Chungmemtum and Utkarsh Singh represent the Indians and Chinese Fans Of Robert Downey Jr and for him are willing to kill people including their own Families
by The Vigilante March 26, 2021
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A guy who likes TASM Spider-Man Movies and is overprotective of them will defend them no matter how shitty they are
Logan Farris is a TASM Tard he is their king and his Queen Kaitlyn Bas left him for Tribhuvan cause he loved her and her favourite Tobey Maguire and like her she likes DCEU, Dogs, Batman and Wonder Woman together plus Metal and Rock Music
by The Vigilante April 5, 2021
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A Mini Pattison is someone who jerks off to Robert Pattison, Robert is a great actor but he will suck as BatMan btw if BatMan was a real man and not a Fictional Movies & Comic Book Character he'd choose Bale or Keaton over Robert Pattinson and Wonder Woman over Catwoman, Superman and Aquaman over Robins, Alfred over Red Hood and definately have Red Hair and not Black Hair plus choose Snyder Fans over Pattison Fans
Logan Farris is a Mini Pattison, TASM Tard and Mcutard who is willing to stop at nothing and said he'll sacrifice his own family for Matt Reeves and Marc Webb and thinks 300, Watchmen, Dawn Of The Dead and Man Of Steel are bad without even watching them and thinks he's a good noteworthy godlike Movie Critic and btw Movie Critic aren't that much valued thanks to Rotten Tomatoes who take Bribes and write Wrong Reviews

Utkarsh Singh used to be a Mini Pattison but Indian Mini Pattison Fans are rising and may kill people for liking Ben or Bale or Keaton or George or Val Kilmer or anybody else

Kellum Bruce Dietz and Aaron Martinez represent the Worst of American fans btw American Superhero Fans online are mature but Aaron and Kellum are exception Kellum is willing to kill his own friends for Matt Reeves who would never even know him and Aaron lost countless Debates to Tribhuvan and cries hard and considers Robert Pattison as the Supreme God and brings to shame to Irish Americans the toughest People in America
by The Vigilante April 4, 2021
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No hate to K-pop but a K-pop Tard is someone who thinos Metal and Rock are ist noises and counts K-pop as best music genre for some reason
Logan Farris, Utkarsh Singh, Terrence Chungmemtum and Aaron Chad Martinez thinks K-pop is good and are K-pop Tard
by The Vigilante April 5, 2021
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A relationship between Batman And Black Canary, both need each other and both love each other, but Green Arrow and Catwoman keep shitting in otherwise they'd be In love, they both complete each other as Batman is a Badass Dude named Bruce Wayne whereas Black Canary is a Hothead Blonde named Laurel Lance, both had a high pitch romance in Comics as Thrillkiller and All Star Batman sometimes Wattpad Fanfictions and there's mutual respect and secret love between Batman and Black Canary in Young Justice TV Show
Batman and Black Canary is so wonderful I wish they get a chance together

Batman and Black Canary Romance was something I had in mind but somebody already made the two lovers come together

Best ship in Fiction I said Batman and Black Canary, Wonder Woman and Batman, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor
by The Vigilante May 9, 2021
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