Ex Arrow fans who tend to pretend that laurel lance is the best depiction of the black canary. They are Katie Cassidy fans disguised as Dinah Lance/Black Canary fans. They tend to attack in group's and make fun of anyone and anything, if you are the way of them they will call you names. For example you were an drug addict and had an argument with them, they would probably call you 'druggy' etc. They do not see that they are what the despise.
Person: Laurel Lance stans are worse than the Olicity robots.
by 52882139 September 11, 2017
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Is a character in the show Arrow on CW. The main character Oliver Queen dates her before running off on a Yacht with her sister Sara. They are assumed dead when the yacht goes down in a storm. five years later Oliver is found alive and bring him back home. his father had killed himself to save Oliver and had begged Oliver to write his wrongs (he was a millionaire) and Oliver becomes the Arrow. Laurel then decides to join Oliver on his mission and becomes the Canarie.
Hey look its Laurel Lance the Hero of Star city, the canarie.
by Cale1 February 25, 2020
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