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Malwarebytes is a great program for detecting and deleting Malware off your computer. Most of the Malware you have isn't actually malware but malwarebytes deletes it anyway because it can. Say bye to that one important PDF you have...
I just downloaded Malwarebytes today and it deleted my whole operating system!
by ThatOneFuckingNigger February 26, 2017

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A phrase said by people who are having a bad day, and people that are annoyed.
Josh: I have some milk!
Bob: Please, Shut the fuck up.
by ThatOneFuckingNigger January 31, 2017

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A lost Windows OS that is actually pretty good. It eventually got replaced by Vista.
Dude, have you seen the Windows Longhorn presentation yet?
Yeah! It looks great!
by ThatOneFuckingNigger January 30, 2017

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A funnel shape that comes from the clouds and is formed by cold and hot air mixing with each other.
When the vortex hits the ground, it is called a Tornado. They can have winds up to 100-miles to 255 miles.
These winds are devastating and can easily tear down a house. They have a scale called the "Enhanced Fujita scale". It measures the destruction of the tornado aswell as the winds inside the tornado. It goes up to 5. EF0: Little damage; Hairdo ruined, roof tiles off. EF1: Moderate damage; roofs torn down, cars turned, trees blown. EF2: Acceptable damage; Poorly made houses ripped off the ground, cars lifted, trees gone. EF3: Severe damage; Houses lifted off foundation, cars teared. EF4: Insane damage; Well constructed houses ripped off the ground, trucks (tankers) sucked right in, thrown. EF5: Extreme damage; Concrete structures DESTROYED, houses OBLITERATED, welded-to ground structures gone.
Also, please note, if you decide to place your house in tornado alley, don't be mad when you come back from work and see your house missing.
That tornado destroyed my house!
I saw it!
via giphy
by ThatOneFuckingNigger March 30, 2017

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Do I have to explain?
I took a giant shiz.
by ThatOneFuckingNigger January 30, 2017

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