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1. The most awsome person in the world

2. God in disguise
Isn't Berenice awsome?
by Tequila December 17, 2004

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The word 'cow' is also a moderately offensive insult in the United Kingdom towards a woman who is supremely unpleasant.
"You fat cow!"
by Tequila May 22, 2004

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A person acting like an Evan (AKA: Foxy@USEast.Battle.Net)

Someone who lacks a booty
Foxy is a wompawomp.
by Tequila November 08, 2004

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Originally, it means Bot, or chat bot via bnet but in times of intellectual...well when there is nothing that you can say that can really insult someone, you pull out a word from your ass, usually something that you believe makes you sound smart and hoping it both insults and confuses your e-opponent at the same time
20:55:39 <Malice> and you think you're cool on a chat module
by Tequila July 28, 2005

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One badass person who you don't really want to mess with because he will fagban you permanently if you piss him off. Trust me, I know k? Thx

Favorite thing he likes to do: Ban newbies, laugh at newbies, ignore newbies, make fun of how stupid newbies are, points and laughs, has an itchy copy/paste ready to ?adduser Tequila F if I mess up like =

But Phoenix has an awesome car, its like O_O and Annaberries is like, Rawr rawr *Flesh*! O_O
Emote <Zonker> Points and laughs at (insert your name here)
by Tequila December 05, 2004

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The e-gangster word for Taco Bell

Originally coined from a student at Eastern Kentucky University which spread across the internet finally reaching here

It also sounds sexy
Taco Beezy...Beezy...Beezy Rawr~
by Tequila July 28, 2005

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DarkMinion (DarkMinion@USEast) (DarkMinionvL) (Mike) (Mikey)
Super 1337 programmer who hates stupid people but likes Tequila (Sexual Wink Wink Wink)

Has problems getting laid but can get booty from Mando ~

What's up Mike?


Kor PoWa?
<Zonker>: Eew, its DoucheMan
<Tequila>: DM DM DM DM DM DM <3!!!!!!!!!
<Fire>: DM DM DM
<Suicidal>: afk until dm is gone
<Dave>: anyways
<Skywing>: You suck at programming.
<Yoni>: Haha
<Pony>: ownt
<Trigga>: wait dm, let me blaze this roach and we'll baal
by Tequila November 12, 2004

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