6 definitions by Tent peg

Maud had come that many times from Cedric''s sinful antics she could feel the squelch of her clitoris milk as he buried his longfellow into her tunnel of love!! What a lucky girl she felt!!
by Tent peg October 11, 2017
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A woman who acts posh but isnt
Jilly gets on my nerves making out she's so posh and prim and proper. The slut's such a pippie minge! I saw her gobbling a bloke off in the drive through!!
by Tent peg October 21, 2017
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A small fusty room where acts of sinful and shameful sex is performed?
Jon took Sally to his Pen of Peccancy where he ravaged her and made her pussy so sore it bled like a stuck pig!!
by Tent peg July 20, 2017
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A girl lays on the edge of the bed with her legs high in the air, like a stag preparing to fight. The boy makes love to her by standing at the bottom of the bed.
Edna darling get in the rutting stag position! You're gunna get the full length of my old man tonight! Scream if you wanna go faster!! Yee Haa!!
by Tent peg October 29, 2017
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Room where any sexual pleasure may be attempted to be undertook!
I say darling do you fancy going to our den of sin and bathing in condensed milk while I attempt to fill your poo pipe with chick peas!
by Tent peg January 29, 2017
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A group of men take turns to ejaculate and put it onto a dorito tortilla chip! The last one to come has to eat the fully loaded dorito!!
Man, I had to eat a real cheesy dorito roulette last night at Daves stag party. WICKED!!!!
by Tent peg February 21, 2017
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