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Noun: A crazy dancer who loves to pump it up on the dance floor

Verb: When someone offers to buy you El Taurinos at 4am and find out it was closed.

Adj: Someone who is easily excitable and friendly.
Noun Ex: “Wow, did you see Lenee dancing on the dance floor

Verb Ex: “You look so tired this morning, what happened? You must have pulled a Lenee last night.”

Adj Ex: “Hey nice to meet you. Your such a cool friend. Your like very Lenee-ish.”
by tenchi April 07, 2005

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noun: Heaven and Earth upside-down
Today felt like tenchi.
by Tenchi August 16, 2003

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Not quite a cat and not quite a rabbit.
Cabbits are weird.
by Tenchi February 18, 2003

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