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1.adv: The action of being true to the code of ethics of one's self, culture, and environment. ie: keep it real

2.n: An enhanced, extreme, version of reality that usually alludes to a violent existence.
1."I beat up my teacher cuz he was wearing the wrong colors. You know I keep it real"

2. "Shit gets mad real over in Iraq"
by Telly D. May 19, 2005

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n. A handicapped person, may or may not be mentally handicapped.
Describes the semblence of drool in conjunction with a lack of motor skills.
She helps out the droolers with their exercises during P.E.
by Telly D. May 26, 2005

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1. A statement of agreement with thoughtful sentiment. A serious wholehearted agreement.
2. A declaration of belief.
"Shit gets real once you get in the dope game."
"Werd Life"
by Telly D. May 19, 2005

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(n) A person who observes the activities of another person. Those being observed by a watcher are usually unaware they are being inspected and studied by a third party, unless that third party reveals themself to be a watcher.
Kelly: "I see that you added that slutty hot chick to your Myspace friends list.
Kevin: OMG your such a watcher!!
by Telly D. May 12, 2006

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The Acronym for Old Grand Dad whiskey.
I need a couple shots of OGD before I roll up in the club.
by Telly D. May 19, 2005

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1. One who is addicted to foosball.
2. An overzealous foosball competitor.
4. A foosball aficionado who knows technical terms for foosball strategy.
1.The foozheadz where huddled together over the table in the corner of the bar.
2. Charlie ruined another relaxed game of foosball when he yelled at Wendy for playing bad defense. What a fooshead.
3. The fooshead pwned the table by using an effective offensive stradegy.
by Telly D. May 19, 2005

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(Brim-a-low) Adj. 1:A term coined by Sir-Mix-A-Lot to describe an overweight, unattractive female.

2. A busted-ass chick with no sex appeal.
"Whats up with all these brimalowes in the club? I didn't pay no twenty dollars to talk to these busted brimalow bitches."
by Telly D. July 05, 2005

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