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A sexual term used by black men referring to their dick when flirting/fucking white women or women of non-african american descent. Usually men that have a Chosage are well endowed...i.e., Chocolate Sausage!!!
Yo the pinktoe I had last nite couldn't get enough of this chosage son!

Shorty rode ya man yesterday and straight smoked my chosage kid!

OMG girl his chosage was Awesome!

Fuck that lame with that punk ass snausage, get with a brotha thats packing a Big Black Chosage bitch!
by Tekezo aka Rogue_Assassin October 09, 2009
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White women who love black dick, especially their creamy (cum) white filling!!! A chocolate twinkie freak will do just about anything for the rich/smooth taste of a C.T. (chocolate twinkie)!
I met this chocolate twinkie freak at the mall and she crazy niiiiiice son!!!

I know a spot where all the chocolate twinkie freaks hang out at kid & they all get down like groupies at a rockstar convention...ya dig!!!
by Tekezo aka Rogue_Assassin October 11, 2009
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