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Those roadside plastic signs advertising dating sites, furniture sales, diets, and work-at-home scams.

They are the guerrilla marketing equivalent of e-mail spam.

From the vast amount of oil-based plastic used to make them, it is clear that the energy crisis is a scam.
Mutt: Check this out, ima be rich an' skinny in 30 days !

Jeff: Yeah yeah. I saw that road spam sign too:

by TekRant June 15, 2010
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A scruncher, aka scrunchr is a perv with a crush fetish.

Specifically, an adult who lives in his mom's basement, and watches videos of gals in high-heel leather boots crushing insects, while licking their lips and tossing their big hair.
Moe: Curly is such a scruncher !

Larry: yeah yeah He stayed up all night watching Blondie Gurl in Blu-ray.

Moe: Dang, I got to get me a Blu-ray player so I can borrow it from him. I love scrunchr vids.
by TekRant June 15, 2010
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1. A scrunchr is a sexual deviant with a crush fetish.

2. A scrunchr is a balls-out player of total scrunch babes.
Biff: Oh baby ! Just watch that scrunch babe in the fuck me boots scrunch that bug.

Wheel: Dude ! Ain't RedTube the greatest site for paraphilia EVER ?!

Biff: Totally ! I'm buying a scrunchr trucker hat from CafePress right now !
by TekRant June 11, 2010
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AE mystical undefined word in most Japanese camera instruction manuals.

It stands for Automatic Exposure.
Bob: AE ! AE !

Jim: What is it, dude ?

Bob: I dropped my kilobuck prosumer DSLR off the bridge !
by TekRant June 11, 2010
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A kilobuck is one thousand bucks.

$1,000.00 in numbers.

A grand, a G, a thundo.

Or a stack of 100 ten-dollar bills in stack mode.
Bob: I saw this road spam sign - it said 100 kilobuck income from home !!!

Jim: Yeah, I saw it too, the one which says Don't believe ? Don't call !
by TekRant June 11, 2010
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