A company that advertises t-shirts with lame jokes on them on Urban Dictionary, just like SnorgTees and PalmerCash.

The difference between those companies and CafePress is that CafePress adverts do not have hot chicks wearing their shirts.

Much like SnorgTees a lot of the jokes on their shirts attempt to be 'nerdy' while still trying to be understandable by normal people. Thus the shirts become too un-intelligent for nerds and too nerdy for everyone else.
UD viewer: CafePress? Great another t-shirt company with lame-ass jokes. Why doesn't this one have girls?!
by TwoFourSixOOne January 23, 2011
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Word: cafepress
Pronunciation: ka-'fA'pres
Function: verb
Etymology: French café coffee, café, from Turkish kahve; Middle English presse, from Anglo-French, from presser to press

1. To take an idea or piece of artwork, put it on a T-shirt and other merchandise, and have it online for sale for yourself and the general public.
Related activities: t-shirt blogging and bumper sticker activism

Bob: I really want a "Caterpillars rock my face off" shirt.
Mike: Dude, just cafepress it. Maybe everyone wants one.

Jane: Sweet, Dick Cheney just shot his friend in the face.
Emily: I am so cafepressing that.
by wendyrocks November 06, 2006
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