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(adv.)A diluted alternative for the word "fucking" or "fucken". (See "fucking", pg. 68)
1) "Dude, that is fricken awesome!"
2)"My fricken math teacher is the biggest dillhole on the planet."
by Ted Wilde August 18, 2004

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The slang term for stupid, juvenille T-shirts which inscriptions are deliberately facetious. These shirts are typically "Made in China" garbage, pink, and adorned with rhinestones. The same term applies to feminist bumper stickers of the same breed.
Dave: I hate those stupid "90% angel, 10% bitch shirts."

Corey: Yeah, but at least you get an excuse to look at their 14-year old


Business executive 1: Let's see--our main demographic is slutty 14 year old hoochies who want to show their midriff, but don't want to put out.

Business executive 2: I know! Let's make size 2 pink T shirts that say SPOILED!
by Ted Wilde December 29, 2004

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(v.) A swift kick to the middle of the buttocks region issued with one knee. This manuever is usually accompanied with two hands placed on the hips. In essence, it is "kneeing" somebody in the ars.
"Don't eat my pop-tarts or I'm gonna corndog you"
by Ted Wilde August 18, 2004

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(v.) To abduct one's underpants, usually in the middle of the night; and always without the owner's knowledge. Term also includes lingerie, and pajamas.
1.) "Gnomes are notorious for shindling underwear."

2.) Never shindle old women's undergarments
by Ted Wilde August 19, 2004

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