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Doing a load of laundry after allowing clothes to pile up on your bedroom floor for weeks.
"say Magdalene, suppose it's time to mow the laundry? I can't get your door open."
by tchotchotch February 27, 2007
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showing up late to work because you stopped for coffee along the way.
I told them I got stuck in traffic, but really I was running latte.
by Tchotchotch July 26, 2008
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An activity not uncommon in rural Pennsylvania, in which a pack of vicious douchebags will attack an Amish person, who being a pacifist and will not fight back.
Jimmy Carl: Let's go clape some clapes with this here hunk a' concrete!

John Bob: Whoo hoo! Claping is twice as fun as cow tipping!
by tchotchotch March 15, 2009
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Acronym for "Get Outta My Face!" phrase derived from users of the Amiga computer, GOMF was originally a hack that dismissed critical errors called 'Guru Meditation.' These nerds expanded the use of the phrase to everyday situations.
GOMF cat! Quit eating my spaghetti!
by tchotchotch August 04, 2008
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The strip of grass between the road and sidewalk seen in some cities. aids in dog feces camoflagery.
"Gee, I'd rather have a wider sidewalk than a mowhawk."
by tchotchotch February 27, 2007
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