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The day were you treat your friend or family member Trinity like a princess for the day. She deserves it.
It’s national trinity day we better treat her
by Tbird April 12, 2018
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The materials spewed out (at Light Speed) as a result of a vaginal fart. Although, never subject to a thorough analysis, this material could be quite unpleasant, possibly toxic and aesthetically repugnant (or not). It often renders the spewee confused, shocked, sexually ambivalent or somewhat entertained!
I just couldn't believe it! She was relaxed, feet up to the ceiling when suddenly, she queef greased my pompadour! That's a shiny pompadour dude.
by Tbird January 22, 2007
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A notorious drug bangin'/womanizing composer of electronic music who bred Hooded Rats (notably "Simon the Impaler") in Manhattan's East Village. Ratman is credited with creating innovative public television programming (WKTV, the "Movin'It Show" w/Mimi and Henrietta, The Curse of Judy Vandetta, the American Festival of Microtonal Music etc.) His PR work with NY bands, Live Skull, Ritual Tension, The Sick Fucks, Urgent Fury, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Regan Youth, L7's (although not from NY) "Fast and Furious" a video homage to the girls of Russ Meyer to name a few. Other credits include the "In Concert" series of performances featuring Alternative Tentacles recording artists the Dead Kennedy's, Jello Biafra's "Love American Death Squad Style" video, Tragic Mulatto, Butthole Surfers, the Beatnigs and Alice Donut. His credits also include having the greatest number of "World Premier Music, Dance and Performance Video's" in the country before all the Independent Record Companies went main stream. However, due to the adult content in a solo performance by Mick Jagger, MTV decided to throw him a bone for the sake of the downtown crowd. The show's camera and weekly broadcasts (WKTV) brought clubs like CBGB's to the vanguard of Underground television in the United States and abroad. In 2000, his legendary megalomania inspired the tune TELL IT TO THE HI-RISE by Jazz Cannon. He still resides in NYC with his dog Hipatia, "CHILI" the Ice Worm and a pregnant rat named Drucilla.
When Jagger called the show, he left a confusing message on Rat man's answering machine. What's an answering machine?
by Tbird January 16, 2007
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An inexperienced young female / male rimpod, who perfers (or not) engauging in rough anal sex "a pounding" by means of inanimate objects. The use of dildo's; the unsheathed butt cap of a badminton / tennis racket, paddleball grips and splintering wooden flag poles to name a few.
"Glory and sacrifice", shouted the novice bung podling as the Master Reampod did the nasty.
by Tbird January 21, 2007
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The genetic difference between man and chimpanzeese (depending on the source) is roughly 1 to 1.2 chromosomes (chimpanzee chromosome 19 and 22 and the human chromosome 17)
I think the reason he called this definition -2genes was due to the fact that not all humans are created equally. In some mentally / emotionally deficient case studies, it would appear that in a select group of genetic human failures GHF the normal process of evolution was bipassed in order to preserve the more primative traits of the subspecies. Due to these circumstances, the author of this definition excercised "observational liberties" based on real life experiences and not a controlled biogenetic analysis.

see: biogenesis

see: observational liberties

see: Blowing sMokE up your ASS!
by Tbird January 30, 2007
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A New York City graphic artist who's stylistic / minimalist approach in the design of television graphics brought him national recognition in the field of Public Television in the mid 1990's. He contributed regularily to such shows as WKTV, The Italian Curse of Judy Vandetta, R. Sherman's Public Radio and On The Waves nyc, "Live" from the Peppermint Lounge, Nina Hagan (at the Ritz), "After Hours" w/Michelle Monroe & Velvet Sippy Gulp, Pyramid Boy's in Stiletto Heels (Pyramid Club nyc), Yomo Toro (Western Beef Concert Series), The Angela Caponegro Dance Ensemble, The Steve Weisberg Jazz Orchestra (Knitting Factory nyc), Harry V'Derci's "Night Train" from CBGB's nyc, Rajeckas and Intraub Movement Theater, the Movin'It Show w/Mimi and Henrietta (the weekly adventures of a NYC mime and her cantankerous baglady companion) to name a few.
There is no doubt Czerzan was the late night poodi king on the 17th floor. His apartment number was "NCC 1701", and just like the Starship Enterprise, always in deep shit yo!
by Tbird January 23, 2007
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An inbred sheep dickin', illiterate / hillbilly-d poppin', white trash (or not) southern racist with a heroin or opiate addiction. Known for fathering several younger brothers (Leroy, Luke and Levi), and a sister named May (aka mama) in an effort to boost the working population for the family's All Natural Fertilizer business. A cracker so dumb, they stole Oxytocin instead of Oxycontin from the drug store cause they couldn't spell. A cracker so dumb, they still use manure as the "secret ingredient" for binding the Sowbelly n' Tuna Croquettes.
Luke: How many times do I have to ask you May, to sleep in my bed and keep me warm. Don't make me insist on it now.

May: You're not the only one in this family with problems.

Luke: When my brother, I mean my daddy is dead and buried, I'll be the next one in line to be gettin' with you regular like.

May: That's fine thinking Luke! You mean to tell me, "when that smack cracker brother father of our's dies for the hell he has caused this family's gene pool", you gonna be my daddy too?

Luke: Who said anything about gettin' a pool!
by Tbird January 22, 2007
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