poodi is the punjabi meaning a womans cunt also known as a vagina
sanjay: you wanna go to a club and get some poodi
Lembher: na fuck it i got a bitch man hahaha!!
by Sikh soldier April 12, 2006
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poodie- someone extremely cute that you just can’t seem to get over
Mike: Yeah man that girl is my poodie
Jon: Oh wow you must really like her
by heythere17368 December 12, 2019
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A piece of poop, or dirt that looks like poop.
Me: Hey, sit down
You: No way, there's poodie on that chair.

BRB i have 2 go take a poodie.
by michaliann October 01, 2009
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A natural barrier, usually of thorn bushs, hedges or bamboo thickets, generally used to keep nosy neighbors and/or their unwanted pets from trespassing.
This poody will keep the neighbors' cats from using our yard as a toilet.
by Bunny Hatah February 18, 2007
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Noun used to describe someone who is sulking or throwing a hissy fit.
Tiziana is in a poody because Jon left a chair in the middle of her room.
by Mr. Limpy March 14, 2007
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