1. The most feared monster on the Prime Material Plane.
I won a fight with a kobold with the trusty aid of my pet tarrasque.
by tarrasque November 22, 2003
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The freak-ass monster who eats Pelor-loving pallys for breakfast. Doesn't die much.
A DM can waste any Timmy with a properly timed Tarrasque.
by Quanaco December 3, 2003
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The guy who pissed Poltroon off enough to make him define Tarrasque as a bitch. Too bad Poltroon's a rich kike, or we'd take him seriously.
Tarrasque eats babies. Troon licks dog ass for money.
by TroonzMahBytchYo April 12, 2005
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A dumbass. Extremely stupid and idiotic.
Tarrasque posted on Flecko.net and sucked up to Max.
by Poltroon October 12, 2004
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The idea that a fictional character is absolutely indominable and can accomplish anything, usually the result of horrible writing or 9 year old writing.

Its namesake comes from indestructible Tarrasque of dungeons and dragons fame, a monster that is famously known for its overpowered nature and association with bad storytelling.
Jimmy: Seriously X character is so overpowered!
Bob: The author probably has tarrasque mentality
by Alchemy Jug January 19, 2021
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