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1. A character in the SNES game Earthbound. Later appeared in N64's Super Smash Bros, and Super Smash Bros. Melee, the sequel to the popular Gamecube game.

2. A good way to not be as funny, original, or clever as you might think. Many people will add "-ness" as a suffix to just about everything, to turn it into a noun. The most annoying of all uses is "coolness." While a select few may find this funny, almost everyone else agrees that it sucks.
1. When I play Super Smash Bros., I like to be Ness because he is one of the lesser known characters.

2. "Coolness." "Hotness." More like shut up, douche.
by TakeTheVeilCerpinTaxt August 16, 2005

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A trading card game that doubles as a girl repellant. If you are afraid of girls, buy boxes of these cards.
Girl: Are those guys playing magic? I think I'll take a detour.
by TakeTheVeilCerpinTaxt August 06, 2005

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